Online marketing in the real estate sector

What can online marketing do for real estate offices/project developers?

After running several campaigns in the real estate sector, it soon became clear that we can add value to find quality leads with a buying/selling intention. With performance marketing in mind, we are busy collecting new leads for our clients on a daily basis.

The real estate sector can turn to Stairway for the entire digital marketing approach or just a piece of it. Nothing must, everything is allowed & we supplement where necessary.

Taking into account the customer journey stage the prospect is in, we use a number of channels to increase sales opportunities.

We are highly skilled in an integrated digital marketing approach

  • Google Ads: through Google Ads, we will advertise on relevant keywords for your potential customers. Here, we advertise on a list of keywords and select them as best we can.
  • Social media ads: Facebook & Instagram ads: Social media advertising is here to stay. Here, it is interesting to use ads that generate traffic to the website and to use lead forms, so that warm leads can be contacted immediately when they leave their details.
  • E- mail marketing: is also a valuable strategy for the real estate sector. Make use of so-called property listings, where you do email marketing for new properties available for sale or rental to attract potential buyers or tenants.

    Newsletters on a regular basis with valuable information on the real estate market, specific trends or tips & tricks related to buying a home in Belgium or Spain can help increase your expertise and keep your subscribers engaged. Stairway can also support you in targeted campaigns based on segmented e-mail lists to potential buyers or tenants, invitations to open houses, etc.  

    Customer testimonials or success stories from satisfied customers boost credibility. It is crucial to showcase your expertise and value you can offer customers. Also, always stay in touch with past customers through follow up emails, this helps maintain customer relationships.

  • Video marketing:

    by using video marketing, you can give potential buyers or tenants a realistic view of the property. Virtual tours are just one way to apply video marketing. This allows potential buyers to explore the property from a distance which is time-efficient for both the buyers and the estate agent. Create videos where you give valuable tips or advice, for example on buying the first house, investing in foreign property. Using video marketing in real estate is an ideal way to generate interest and differentiate yourself from competitors in the market.  

SEO in real estate:

Search Engine Optimisation is particularly useful because it can help increase your visibility online and generate traffic to your website. SEO focuses on attracting organic traffic, meaning that the people visiting your website are actually interested in real estate. In the real estate industry, local SEO is very important; many people search for property within a specific location or neighbourhood. By optimising your website for region-specific searches such as ‘real estate agent in (city name)’, for example, you can attract potential customers who are actively looking for real estate in this specific region. By ranking high in search engines, you can reach more potential buyers and tenants than competitors who pay no attention to SEO at all.


Advertising on immosites By advertising on these sites, you directly reach people who are actively looking for property, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversions. In a competitive real estate market, advertising on real estate sites can give you a competitive advantage. You can stand out from other providers by making your ads stand out with attractive photos, well-written descriptions, etc.

Within digital marketing in the real estate sector, there are some key aspects that are crucial for both buyers and sellers. Above all, buyers want to receive relevant and personalised information that matches their interests and needs. As an immo broker or property developer, it is especially important to create valuable content marketing and messaging to attract and engage buyers.  

We would be happy to discuss the most effective marketing communication approach for your real estate projects.

Why choose real estate marketing with Stairway?

  • Experience in real estate marketing 
  • Driven by data and results and feedback results periodically through clear reports
  • Boutique digital marketing agency with the best specialists for each discipline
  • Flexible and transparent approach